Florina Craven has been writing long before she realized it could be turned into a career. Born in Bucharest, Romania, she moved auspiciously to the United States on October 31, 1984.  Ms.Craven has been heavily influenced by her Romanian heritage and has traveled extensively throughout Europe. She has also studied in Germany in both High School and College, which has helped add creative fuel to her imagination. Fluent in both Romanian and German, she has been called the “diplomat” of her family.  Through her writing, she intends to show the world there is more to Romania than vampire stories and includes bits of folklore into all her work.
      She was first published in second grade when a collection of her poems were selected and featured in the Bayridge Courier, a local New York City newspaper. Her love of writing blossomed and her work has since been featured in numerous publications including, most recently, The Jasmine. Her novel, The Keeper, earned first place in the Connecticut chapter of Romance Writer’s of America, Connections Contest for best Paranormal.
     A Bachelor’s degree in History and German from Dickinson College has helped Ms. Craven acquire the perfect skill set to research her novels thoroughly. Ms. Craven has held numerous jobs from archive assistant, web designer, and muralist, to working as a staff member for a U.S. Senator in Washington D.C. and even teaching high school students. She is a member of several chapters of Romance Writers of America and for the time being calls South Carolina home.  When she is not writing, Ms. Craven is a military wife, mom, and runs her own sculpture business.

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